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Expanding your exposure means that your business has the potential to draw in more customers.

With the internet facilitating nearly every aspect of modern life, your business web design is no anymore a luxury! Nowadays, it’s so important to understand the opportunities this brings, not only to revenue but the impact on user experience.

What’s more, the right technology enables you to broaden your reach to more customers, so the right traffic is driven to you.

Wondering why you need web design? A website is the electronic form of your business!

What do you want your customers, potential customers, and competitors to see when they look at your website? What kind of personality do you want to portray?

Whatever the size of your business, we at Go Digital Globally offer our expertise and experience with an aim to captivate your audience through a seamless user experience compatible with any device, anytime, anywhere.

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Web Design Services: We develop websites that are search engine optimized, interactive and that can be viewed across digital devices

Moreover, our experienced software development team will design your website that best fits your unique business needs.

Remember, a trendy website will not get the results you need to win customers. For that reason, we develop websites that enables your business to grow with a unique search engine optimization (SEO) designed for your business in mind to increase visibility of your brand to potential customers.

We at Go Digital Globally offer web design that aims to transfer your business, of any size, online - accessible by any device connected to the internet.

Website Design Process

Web Design: Information Gathering

Before any websitedesign takes place, there must be a good understanding of the company and what the online business needs.

At the very beginning, some questions must be answered to help identify what the customer is looking for.

Therefore, the purpose of the website must be clear.

In most cases, a website will be developed either for exposure of  products and/or the business, or for selling products and services.

Identifying business targets is an important part of delivering the overall website. It is crucial to understand the goals a company wants to achieve when designing for the online world. For example, what is the demographic? What’s the tone of voice, what do you want to portray to the people landing on your website and why? All of these factors and more need to be considered when creating and developing a website.

Web Design: Planning

In this stage, the information gathered determines the size of the project, the tools used and the resources that will be utilized. At this stage, stage, responsibilities will also be mapped out and discussed through.

Based on the information that was gathered, planning will help to create a sitemap, a wireframe of the website.

Design & Development

At this point, most of the steps for a successful development are identified and solutions have been provided. We are ready to begin designing and shaping the website with the target audience in mind.. The development phase is in a stage where the layout is designed to a standard where it can be reviewed with customers for feedback and tweaked to satisfaction.

The expertise of the developer is put into automating the processes for a seamless navigation of the website. The functionality of the website is integrated into offering the right tools for the company to provide the most user-friendly experience to potential customers.

However, a true website system is more than what will be seen by design online.

There are many systems that are prepared in parallel such as information databases, automation processes, analytic services and in certain designs, offline programs that offer valuable information both for the best SEO as well for the management of the company.

The best results are achieved when all parties involved work together in cooperation.

Testing & Delivery

In the testing phase, the coding of the website is put under pressure in various scenarios. This is to check that everything that has been designed is functioning as intended.

All processes must be scrutinized to see whether they function without errors and all links must work. The information should be accurate and secured. Any compatibility issues will be resolved.

When the website with all its pertinent systems are working well and are at the highest standard, then we are ready to deliver.

Web Design: Maintenance

Like with all information technology products and professional services, ongoing support must be offered; a finished website now becomes more of a service than a product. To maintain a website, it’s important to keep it up to date and ensure everything is working how it should be the whole time it’s in use.

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