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Founded by Elena Andreou, it commenced its activities at the end of 2018 as Go Digital Cyprus. In 2020, the company decided to expand its services globally, leading to the transformation into Go Digital Globally (GDG). Over the past five years, GDG has been offering a diverse range of services, with a notable focus on three key offerings: Search Engine Optimization, Website Development, and Social Media Marketing.

Go Digital Globally is powered by a global team, committed to helping your business grow through creative digital marketing strategies and international brand expansion. It was founded in October 2018. Officially, we celebrate on the 24th, the date we got our first customer! Our people are absolutely central to everything we do. When we design a website, a brand, or a marketing campaign, it’s done with your goals and objectives in mind. When we’re working with you, we want to get to know you, your company’s culture, and your brand’s philosophy – not just what your marketing budget is. 

SEO Specialist | Business Strategist | Personal Branding Consultant | Certified Trainer (HRDA)

A pioneer in digital marketing, founder and CEO of Go Digital Globally, Elena Andreou has over 20 years of experience in Marketing and Digital Marketing, with a focus on SEO in the last 7 years.

She initially studied Business Administration and Marketing and later specialized in Digital Marketing, SEO, and data analysis using programming languages like R Programming and Python. Currently, she is pursuing her specialization and research in gender stereotypes and personal branding through doctoral studies.

Web Developer (Partner)

David Fowles is our head software developer. He was always fascinated by media and the internet. Grasping on to the digital era from a young age, David has learned a number of programming languages and software packages. During his career he has developed a number of software applications and information systems.

David has also a passion whith automating processes. In his own words: “why is there a computer if it doesnt handle all calculations”

He has a Master of Sciences in Multimedia Information Systems from London Southbank University, and over twenty years of experience in software development and database design

MA(Hons) in Branding • Designer • Educator • Author

Visual Communication Designer / Author / Columnist / Founder & Creative Director of the Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Cyprus, “Graphic Stories Cyprus” (Associate)

Aggeliki Athanasiadis has been working as a visual communication designer since 1999 under the name “makad.cy”. She holds a Master’s degree with Distinction in Arts & Design [MA] specializing in Branding, from Middlesex University of London.

Having acquired a strong background in print and digital communication and advertising she worked with advertising agencies, as a freelancer, as well as with big printing houses in Athens. She has worked as an Assistant Art Director at the Attica Publishing Group for PC Magazine. She has also worked with pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, Pharmanel, Menarini, UCB.

Vikram Rout

Content Strategist (Associate)

Vikram is a strategist and digital industry veteran specializing in content strategy, content marketing & market research, internet marketing campaigns and user experience. He has more than 10 years experience in keywords research and content strategy. Vikram brings a holistic approach to content strategy, one that considers content creation, distribution, and governance across digital, social platforms.

Vikram holds a BSc in Computers and Technology from Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences

Marios Agathokleous Georgiou

Content marketing producer & PPC specialist (traineeship)

Having a passion in communication and creating content for marketing purposes, Marios joined the University of Amsterdam in 2017 studying Communication Science. Being a student, he joined the honors program and specialized on Algorithmic persuasion in the Digital society with a minor on Data science & Artificial Intelligence. His interests lied on how algorithms and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have fundamentally changed communication delivery modes in our data-driven society, allowed for tailor-made opportunities and solutions, including online behavior advertising, microtargeting and recommender systems.

He now makes his first steps at Go Digital Globally as a Content marketing producer & PPC specialist willing to incorporate his passion, skills and knowledge in his working space.

about us Marios Georgiou 1st employee

More About Go Digital Globally

Our people are absolutely centric to everything we need to do.

When we design a website, a brand or a marketing campaign, it’s done with your goals and objectives in mind.

When we’re working with you, we want to get to know you,  your company’s culture and your brand’s philosophy – not just what your marketing budget is.

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