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Internship in Digital Marketing in Cyprus

At Go Digital Globally we know that the future will be about marrying creativity and skills with data.

If you are looking for Internship in Digital Marketing in Cyprus, Go Digital Globally is your Go-To Company. We are growing rapidly and looking for talented, dedicated, and technology oriented people to join our team. Whether you’re skilled in social media, love to write content or do video editing check our Job Opportunities for new openings that may suit you!

If you are interested on a position in our firm contact us!

Every person at Go Digital Globally makes the company what it is – a fun, innovative, hard-working and education forward company. To take a behind the scenes look at the Go Digital Globally“corporate” lifestyle check out our social media pages, or search with #lifeatGoDigitalGlobally

Each year, Go Digital Globally welcomes outstanding students..

…with a keen interest in a career to participate in our Internship Programme. Selected students will be assigned to a specific department where they will work alongside our experienced officers on specific projects integral to Go Digital Globally’ core responsibilities.

Internship in Digital Marketing in Cyprus - Not only we are one of the best digital marketing agencies, but also the best place to work!

Don't take our word for it, here is what our internship students say...

The internship, which is for a minimum of 12 weeks between May to September or November to January, will not only provide you with an insight into the work handled by Go Digital Globally officers, but also allow you to feel the pulse of the organisation. Outstanding interns may also be considered for employment after their internships.

Why apply for an Internship in Digital Marketing in Cyprus in 2024?

There are many different reasons why a young person might not end up securing a job. Even having a university degree doesn’t mean you will necessarily find work straight away. Many companies nowadays are looking only for experienced people so they won’t need to invest in their training.

  1. Internships are a great way to apply the knowledge from the classroom to real-world experience.
  2. Having an internship gives you experience in the career field you want to pursue.
  3.  Having an internship benefits you in the working environment, and it also builds your professional network.
  4. Learn how a professional workplace operates. 
  5. Increase the value of your resume and build your personal brand.
  6. Figure out what you like and don’t like. 

Opportunities for young people to be exposed to working life have potential benefits, ranging from work experience, developing networks, self-confidence and skills on the job that, hopefully, lead to a job at the end.

After a 8 weeks training where our team will spend time to train that student he/she will get paid by hour for any job completed.

If you are interested in an Internship in Digital Marketing In Cyprus call us at Go Digital Globally or: