Portfolio & Case Studies

Titan Office Solution - Website Development

Titan Office Solutions Project wasn’t just about building a website; the aim was to craft a digital experience that propels the business forward. Our core objective in Titan’s website development was to redefine its online presence by merging modernity with functionality. We strive to create websites that transcend mere aesthetics, focusing on a robust SEO-friendly structure that ensures visibility and reach. Check out the unparalleled user experience (UX) that resonates with every visitor, fostering engagement and conversion. With a blend of cutting-edge design, seamless navigation, and strategic optimization, Titan isn’t just a website; it’s a digital asset poised for success in today’s competitive online landscape

Platanis Wines and Spirits: Social Media Project and New Website Development

The aim of the Platanis project was to go beyond merely managing social media; it was about cultivating a compelling online presence and shaping a distinct brand identity. Through strategic social media management, we carved out space for the Platanis brand to thrive, engaging audiences and crafting narratives that resonate. But our commitment didn’t stop there. We redesigned the website to transcend expectations, revamping its structure and introducing updated product showcases. Our dedication to building user-friendly interfaces, coupled with updated product displays, ensures that the Platanis online platform isn’t just a digital storefront but a dynamic experience that captivates and converts.

Cyherbia Botanical Park: SEO Cyprus Project

The Cyherbia Botanical Park Project was a transformative journey, aiming beyond mere brand establishment. The core objective was to craft a digital space where the essence of Cyherbia thrived, intricately designed to serve as a compass for diverse visitor intents. The website’s architecture, meticulously constructed, orchestrates an immersive journey, deftly guiding individuals seeking experiences, events, or the purchase of Cyherbia’s unique products. A seamless intertwining of structured pathways and engaging funnels empowers visitors, effortlessly steering them toward their desired destination—whether it be an adventure-filled experience amidst lush botanical wonders, participation in vibrant events, or the acquisition of the park’s cherished products. The website embodies Cyherbia’s essence, presenting itself not merely as a platform but as a gateway to an enchanting world of possibilities within the realms of nature and botanical marvels.

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Ecomelani: SEO Cyprus Project

Ecomelani.com is a local start-up which offers original toner cartridges and ink cartridges as well as a huge range of quality reliable compatible toners and ink cartridge refills. 


Project Issues, challenges and opportunities

Ketopo website design and development

Ketopo: Website Design and Development

K. Ch. Eliades LLC was established in January 2014. The company provides consulting and design services in Land Surveying and Geomatics Engineering.

Project Issues, challenges and opportunities

smart in the dark SEO project

Smart In The Dark: SEO project (Under Development)

Smart In The Dark is a Reflective Accessories brand with a great collection of designer reflective products in Nordic patterns. The aim of Smart In The Dark is to create stylish, smart and safe accessories. 

Project Issues, challenges and opportunities

shoebox website development

Shoebox: Website Development

SHOEBOX is the pioneering fashion & comfort footwear chain of shops in Cyprus, owned by Christou Bros Trading Limited, a dedicated and established family business since 1989. SHOEBOX has grown to a national retailer due to its passion and dedication to excellence. We are committed to sell high quality, stylish, comfortable shoes to our many thousands of customers through our 13 SHOEBOX stores and our on-line shop.

Project Issues, challenges and opportunities

website development the life winners

The Life Winners: Website Design and Development

The Life Winners is committed to support young professionals and small business owners to succeed through difficult times. To do so, it offers free workshops to build, develop and hone the essential professional skills and knowledge to deal with the digital transformation of today’s world.

Project Issues, challenges and opportunities


Cyprus Holiday Experience: Website Design and Development

Cyprus Holiday Experience website was created with the aim to promote tourism in Cyprus. Cyprus is maybe the only island in the world where any tourist can find everything starting from a happy holiday to wellness tourism. 

Project Issues, challenges and opportunities