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A pioneer in digital marketing, founder and CEO of Go Digital Globally, Elena Andreou is a SEO specialist, Business strategist and Personal Branding Consultant. Elena Andreou has over 20 years of experience in Marketing and Digital Marketing, with a focus on SEO in the last 7 years.

She initially studied Business Administration and Marketing and later specialized in Digital Marketing, SEO, and data analysis using programming languages like R Programming and Python. Currently, she is pursuing her specialization and research in gender stereotypes and personal branding through doctoral studies

Elena Andreou is...

…motivated by a long-term dedication to giving back on both local and global levels, in addition to her individual devotion to staying on top of the latest trends in the digital world. She mentors and assists solopreneurs in growing their businesses through her work with her company, Go Digital Globally.

Elena firmly believes that conscious leaders are motivated by a greater purpose. Instead of solely enhancing her clients’ online visibility and quarterly earnings, she aims to make a difference in society as a whole. To achieve this, Elena is incredibly driven by her humanitarian side, with a focus on leveraging her knowledge to support women in the workplace and help them succeed.

Being a successful SEO specialist requires a combination of technical expertise, strategic thinking!

Why you should trust Elena Andreou

Elena Andreou founder of Go Digital Globally

She keeps herself up to date with algorithms' updates

Each small business has its strength and weaknesses. We start out with deep analysis of your existing market, product/services and competitors.

Elena Andreou is a data-driven decision maker.

We do not use “one fits all” plan. We start building your strategy/plan to enforce your strengths and strategically overcome the weaknesses.

She has a holistic approach to business

We don’t just give advice, we are following up the implementation and developments and prepare to overcome unpredictable challenges.


Her integrity, transparency and ethics.

We don’t stop until the business objectives are met. After implementation we gather again data and analyse it. If business objectives are not met we re-design and re-implement.

SEO is a rapidly evolving field, with search engines frequently updating their algorithms. To excel as an SEO specialist, you must stay up-to-date with the latest algorithm changes and industry trends.

Effective SEO involves analyzing data to make informed decisions. Elena Andreou uses tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other SEO platforms to gather DATA.  

SEO is not just about optimizing individual web pages for specific keywords. A successful SEO specialist understands the interconnectedness technical SEO, ethical backlink building, and brand authority. social signals.

Elena never makes false claims about guaranteed results, she is always transparent with clients, delivering on promises, being truthful about outcomes, timeframes, and potential challenges.