Website Development "The Life Winners" - Project challenges

website development the life winners

The Life Winners Project

Website Development The Life Winners-Project challenges

The aim of “The Life Winners” website is to connect, inspire and empower entrepreneurs across the world.

The site owner’s instructions were to first be able to upload articles about businessmen who accomplished something important, who went through hard situations and solved them successfully.

Secondly, to be able to advertise some of those businesses.

What are the differences between an informational website and an ecom?

Website Development “The Life Winners”: The is an informational website and works as a magazine where someone can read different articles.

However, the articles are grouped around certain tags which work as keywords.

To advertise some of those businesses the right part of the screen was chosen.

Studies have shown that the user eye focus on the bottom right part to the screen.

Informative websites are used to display a huge variety of content, where us e-coms display a lot of products. The main difference between the two is the format in which content and products are presented.

Unlike ecommerce, informational website does do monetary transactions.

An informative website requires more than just a website; it also requires customer-relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Website Development “The Life Winners” can be considered a corporate blog which aims to deliver thought-leadership style informational content.