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Stay In The Know: attending all the events in the Industry.

As a recognized professional you may think you don’t need to go to conferences because you have already established your brand. But, being active in your industry trade association, conferences and events can bring with it many benefits. No matter how experienced you are at your business, from an event/conference on your field you will always learn something! We at Go Digital Globally know how important is to keep up with all industry’s latest innovations!

So, being active in your industry (going to conferences and events) can bring with it many benefits.

  • Staying on top of industry news: Keeping up to date with your industry last news, expertise, achievements and knowledge
  • Networking: You are able to interact with other likeminded individuals
  • Learning Never Ends: No matter how experienced you are at your business, everyone can learn.
  • Increase your brand awareness by getting social

Wine Tasting Pitch Fest at Oak Tree Larnaca


A great event organized by Linda Pallien and Alpha Woman Cyprus relevant for business owners, solopreneurs as well as employees. Outlining business value /services/products effectively. 

Elena jnr andreou at pitch fest
Go digital globally pith fest
Elena Jnr Andreou pitch about go digital globally services
elena jnr andreou with Miranda Tringis
go digital globally at pitch fest

Graphic Stories Cyprus #GSC6

Stay In The Know. The Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Graphic Stories Cyprus, aims for the cultivation of the artistic education and the development of critical perception about modern graphic arts both on local and on international level. At the same time contributes to the promotion and the exposure of the Cyprus visual communication and creation not only in Cyprus but also abroad and encourages the networking with cultural institutions, organizations and contemporary art groups abroad.

🐢🐢🐢@Elena Jnr. Andreou is with @Andriana Manoli at @Aggeliki Atanasiadou at #GS6 @GraphicStoriesCyprusConference #LifeAtGoDigitalCyprus #LearnigNeverEnds

Stay in the know with Go Digital Globally team
Graphic Stories conference overview

Stay In The Know: “Be A Cyber Scientist” Workshop at UCLan Cyprus -PYTHON PROGRAMMING

It is a reality that technology has penetrated in our everyday lives, with programming becoming an essential skill across many disciplines. Some researchers argue that programming has already become a necessary survival skill similar to reading and writing.

slides of the presentation: Stay in the know with coding
Elena CEO of Go Digital Globally discussing with representative of Oracle
Go Digital Globally Team Staying in the know with coding

CIM SUMMIT: Unlocking True Potential. Saturday 6th April 2019

The CIM Summit 2019 is a reference point in the field of Management and Marketing studies in Cyprus and in Europe. The CIM Summit is organised on an annual basis and aims to provide the opportunity to Cypriot firms to be informed about the latest developments in the areas of Marketing and Management. World-renowned academics from Europe’s leading Business Schools attend and share their knowledge with attendees representing the leading companies of Cyprus and Europe. #StayInTheKnow

stay in the know with CIM conference: Agenda
Elena Jnr. Andreou at Cim Conference
Nice moments at Go Digital Globally

ADDRESS FOR SUCCESS-Speaking in Public: How to win over an audience

Thinking in loneliness and speaking in public are two things leaders are masters at! #StayInTheKnow

It pays to be proactive in life and business. Proactive Professionals Reap the Rewards. One can always get better at communication and public speaking.

Elena Jnr Andreou with Michael Virardi
Team of Go Digital Globally having fun
Life at Go Digital Globally moments
Elena Jnr Andreou CEO of Go Digital Globally presenting

Go Digital Cyprus at CIM Conference

At the #CIM2019Conference– Unlocking True Potential (an insightful, inspirational and highly prestigious Academic event)

Elena Jnr. Andreou at CIM Conference Staying in the Know
Go Digital Globally power team Elena and David

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) #StayInTheKnow

The Academic Student Conference is designed to provide a platform for university students to participate in a conference either through presenting their own work, projects, theses, or through attending lectures and workshops, thus promoting a platform for students to share their work/research, connect with other social circles with which they have a shared interests and thus promoting the cooperation between the students from different universities.

Go Digital Globally with Erasmus Representative at CERN in
Go Digital Globally attending latest industry events
Elena Jnr. Andreou with Evangelos Gazis at CERN
Go Digital Globally attendance to CERN

Startup Europe Week 2019 #SEW19 (Stay In The Know)

The founder of SEW Igor Tasic shared via Skype the reasons why they organize the Startup Europe Week.
Monica Ioannidou Polemiti (director of ARIS –A REALLY INSPIRING SPACE) and Panayiotis Philimis (Founder & CEO at CyRIC) explained how ARIS and GRAVITY INCUBATOR help entrepreneurs grow and thrive and how a person can start from an idea and transform it in a viable business.
Yiannis Menelaou , the president of “The Cyprus Blockchain Association” talked about how Cyprus became an active ecosystem in the space of #blockchain and #cryptocurrencies and how you could benefit.
Daniel Waldron, Director of Utopian Investors Group introduced FINNEY “The Dawn Of A New Era phone” (Google Certified Ultra Secure Modification of Android)
Elisa Solea, the co-founder and CEO of Ecastica’s Business Centers presented the new concept of Coworking and Shared Space for Startups.
Konstantinos Kareklas (Startups and Agile) explained when it’s time to scale and why we need to take into consideration many factors and use different recipes for every stage, otherwise we will build a business environment that half of our time will be spent on dealing with problems.
Andrea Solomonides (CoFounder at Cypriot Entreprise Link) urged us to #jumponthebus on Saturday in a mission to connect and engage the ecosystem of professionals and innovators in Cyprus to promote business dialogue and democracy.
And last but not least a fireside chat with Dr Costas Argyrides who explained why there is nothing about “thinking out of the box” in Silicon Valley! OMG I enjoyed so much his talk!
A huge thanks to all of you and especially to Panis Pieri, CEO and Founder at RiseTech Media and DisruptCyprus.com!
#StayInTheKnow #GoDigitalGlobally #SEOCyprus David Fowles Elena Jnr Andreou Christos Nicolaou II

Elena Jnr. Andreou at SEW 2019

From a Business Idea to a Successful Startup Business Conference

✈️✈️ What an amazing event I attended today at Blue Radisson: “From a Business Idea to a Successful Startup Business”
Watching awesome, incredible Enon Landenberg I was wondering if his presentation was simple and meaningful or amazingly sophisticated! 
The gist? What I’ve learned from Enon today 🤫🤫 :
1. What is the difference between #entrepreneur and wantrepreneur!
2. Wearing a red hat you can build your #PersonalBrand! 😍😍🤣
Thank you Enon for such an amazing event!
and thank you Panis Pieri… You never fail to amaze me!
An advice from Go Digital Cyprus: keep up with your industry’s latest innovations! #StayInTheKnow #LifeAtGoDigitalGlobally

Elena Jnr Andreou at start up conference

Stay In the Know: Go Digital Cyprus and Elena Jnr. Andreou at "Online Customer Experience Management (CEM)"

Limassol Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 7-8 March 2017

On behalf of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Philip Ammerman co-founder of Navigator Consulting Group was holding a 2-day strategic training programme at the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 7-8 March 2017 on the subject of Online Customer Experience Management.

Learning Objectives: The course supports small enterprises to:

Understand online consumer psychology, including customer motivations for purchase. This involves segmentation of customers into demographic groups and investigation of consumer behaviour as well as modelling of the sales funnel as it applies to specific enterprises.

Model the customer experience online as seen through social media channels, specifically Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Develop a Customer Experience Roadmap that sets a standard for how the CEM process should work, from both the enterprise and customer perspectives. Develop a Customer Experience Value Statement and Workflows. Integrate emotional components into online properties, content and channels to assure better responsiveness to CEM.

Improve the technical design and operations of a sales funnel approach, with specific reference to user registration, wishlists, checkouts, and sales. Improve online branding and relate website content to branding, enabling enterprises and employers to provide specific website content that responds to customer experience and other requirements.

Develop the framework for Online Reputation Management, and tailoring content for specific target and stakeholder groups as well as jobseekers, staff, and consumers. Use online tools, including Google Keywords, Google Analytics, MailChimp and others to manage reputation, branding and content online.

Stay in the know with SEO Specialist Elena Jnr. Andreou
Go Digital Globally organizing training
Elena Jnr. Andreou training people to stay in the know
Go Digital Globally training

STAY IN THE KNOW: Digital Marketing Conference

From 17 to 18 February, Go Digital Cyprus and the Managing Director Elena Jnr. Andreou participated at the annual conference “Digital Marketing Conference” in Limassol.

In 21st Century technology became necessity and the integration of it in business is not a matter of choice anymore, it is a MUST.

For us at Go Digital Cyprus attending to such important events is a professionally rewarding experience and part of our philosophy to stay in the know . Besides conversing with other researchers and experts in the field of e-com and marketing, we desire to keep up with all innovative technologies, software and system, trends and learn ahead about possible future challenges.

The annual conference this year bought together experts in the field of Digital Marketing, academic researchers and professionals.

Haris explaining the tree of digital and the importance to know

Conference's AGENDA

Digital transformation

The Digital Trends

The role of branding in digital

Growth Hacking Start-ups

Inbound marketing

How to get maximum engagement in Social Media

Change the way you engage with your customer using mobile

The importance of the Business Electronic Presence today

Succesfull Digital Strategy in Today’s Multi-touch World

Tips and Tricks and advice for your business on the web

stay in the know with the latest trends on Social Media
presentor explaining why is so important to stay in the know
Agenda of the Digital Conference
The panel of Speakers at Conference

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