What is Social Media Marketing and how it can help your business?

Sociall media marketing for business

Social Media Marketing is not about your services/products, it’s about “Them”

…….and how to keep an ongoing engagement with the most exigent market: younger generation! It is two-way dialogue: listening, storytelling and inspiring! We know how to reach and engage younger generation!

Don't ignore the most valuable communication avenue! Create your plan now for Social Media Marketing!

Your business needs to be where your potential customers are. Using social media helps you communicate authority, it shows your authenticity and humanizes your brand. It is a proven fact that social media interactions strengthen relationships, loyalty, & trust.

Moreover, your business can achieve healthier customer satisfaction by listening to criticism and make customers feel heard.

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Nowadays, all small businesses are concerned how to get new customers through their door.

 Especially now with the Coronavirus Crisis, all small businesses are concerned how to get new customers through their door. Gone are the days they were creating a flyer with their new product or new discounts and people were running to their shop. People now are bombarded with offers and new products through all channels: flyers, sms, e-mails.

While these strategies may still work, there are better and easier ways! Small business should consider the huge marketplace of prospects from social media channels and set today their Social Media Marketing Strategy.


Did you know that 72% of all small business owners say social media marketing has increased their business exposure?

Are you still postponing Social Media Marketing?

Be where your audience is!

70% of the population is on social media. Growing your audience is a critical step. As many people start to recognise your branded images, they get to know about your products/services, the more chances you get to lead them in becoming your customers.

Reputation Management

What do customers think of your business, products/services? With the help of “sentiment analysis” and by running deep searches across the web to find public mentions, feelings; attitudes, emotions and opinions we identify what your customers like (and dislike) about your business.

Encourage Engagement

With a well-defined plan, working with influencers, creating great materials (photos, videos, infographics) using wit and humor, businesses can achieve great engagement. Social media engagement increases loyalty, builds trust and generates great brand advocates.

Low Cost Advertising

Most social media advertising is cheaper than traditional advertising, so you don't need to spend a lot of money to reach more people and grow your business. We define and focus on channels that suit your business better.

Provide Support

We, at Go Digital Cyprus develop your reputation as a responsive customer centric business, by offering personalized support through social channels. Social media channels have become the first places people go to for customer support or simple information.

Bust Your Brand

No matter what niche your business is in, social media offers the opening to boost your brand by creating valuable content to attract and educate your audience. We focus on social media tactics that develop long-term value for your brand. We are not just posting to post.

Enhanced SEO

Your business’s social media presence benefits your SEO. Social media may not be a ranking factor for Google, but it boosts the ranking factors that Google does consider. Moreover, it’s the most effective way to promote your SEO structured content.

Market Research

Until a few years ago businesses had to spend big on market research. Nowadays, social media provides the cheapest way: Through interaction with your prospects you can learn exactly what they are looking for or what are their problems that they are trying to solve.

We don’t use one strategy fits all plans. We know that no two businesses are alike. We work together with our clients to set the strategy that fits their specific needs and objectives.

Many businesses started to use social media and at some point they stopped just because they didn’t see any benefits. We do tailor-made social media strategy from analysis, building the strategy to monitoring and re-designing. 

The base of a great social media strategy starts by auditing the existing situation. What was done up to now, with what results, who IS the existing audience, who are the desired ones, who are your competitors.

There are a lot of companies which offer the same products or services. We’ll analyze their strengths and weaknesses to find new opportunities for your business to grow and achieve its goals and objectives.

We don’t post just to post! We create a tailor-made plan, analysing the existing data. We plan how many posts we should post weekly, monthly and holidays. What type of post and what material we need to create: photos, infographics, videos, articles..

If you don’t have already an audience we start building from scratch. If you do, we analyse through “sentiment analysis” how do they see your brand, how interactive are with your page and how we can drive them to return and converse with your brand.

We analyse and plan what is the optimal time for your business to post. We monitor and reply immediately: business’s response time is very important for customers and it looks bad if customers ask questions but remain unanswered.

A Few years ago ads were affordable and easily made profitable. Nowadays with so much competition and too many advertisements you need to know very well the answer to “Whom”, “How” and “When” to deploy ads that get value out of money spent.

Critical to ensuring you are running an effective social media plan is to track, measure and analyse the results of your marketing efforts. We determine which metrics are important, set up reliable tracking methods in order to get clear outcomes.

Usually with a new strategy if you don’t have enough data to analyse beforehand the first steps are trial/error just to gather data. If the results don’t fully meet the goals and objectives (getting enough leads, or generating leads, but not the right leads and not quickly enough etc..) we re-design and start again!