Website design and development: Shoebox project chanllenges

Shoebox website design project. Shoebox is a leading shoes company in Cyprus that keeps on growing. The company needed a platform without compromises. Its warehouses are constantly being updated through its suppliers and shops that keep on selling. Shoebox online store had to represent the status of the company. This meant that its e-commerce had to be agile, functional, stable and at the same time elegant. The website sells the company’s products online, with discounts, special prices, all time favorites, events, new arrivals… All its categories and much more.

Since 1989 SHOEBOX has grown to a national retailer due to its passion and dedication to excellence.

The company’s online store was developed in Magento. Magento Commerce is the world’s leading digital commerce platform. It is limitless in its capacity to manage any size of company and can grow according to the needs of the organisation. 

This website is a very challenge project which needs continuously support and updates.

The website was build by a team of developers and David Fowls is part of the  team. 

4 things to keep in mind when developing an e-com website

Shoebox website development and site speed

1. Site speed

Site speed is one of the most important factor SEO ranking factors since it influences user experience. Particularly on e-coms, one of the often issue is that they are slow to load.  

In the event that your website it takes excessively long to upload the product that user is searching, at that point almost certainly, the client will leave the site without to purchase or may not return for another buy. Undoubtedly he/she will basically search for another site. There was a couple of things that we applied when we planned for Shoebox website design which was able to make it faster (incorporating memory innovation for specific things as opposed to continually accessing the database on the server).

2. Site search

When it comes to functionality you shouldn’t think only to how it looks, you should consider also how it works. Potential customers are on your website because they want something and they want it fast.

Google places functionality of the website very high as ranking factor since it has a huge impact on user experience. If your site isn’t easily navigated and customers can’t move swiftly and easily around or without confusion then most probably the customer will leave the site. This will increase bounce rate which is an indication to google that the user didn’t find what he/she was looking for.

For Shoebox website design we used features like: In-site search, log/news, Photo gallery, Forms, Social sharing tool, Location map, Guest checkout.

shoebox site search

3. Mobile optimization

Starting with 2017 practically more than half of internet users were registered as using mobiles for their interaction with on internet: social media, Google search, ecoms, etc.  Actually, this an upward trend since then. The number of users who are using their phones to interact online is continually increasing. That is the reason your site mobile optimization is an absolute necessity.

4. Elements of trust

Address potential concerns clients may have before buying your items by showing data they may have concerns or inquiries about.

Studies have shown that 37% of potential purchasers will abandon the product if they need to do another steeps like “registering as member”.

Another very important points for a potential buyer are the “free return policy” as well as a clear and well defined “terms and condition” and “Privacy policy”

Above all, user-generated reviews and testimonials are elements that shouldn’t miss from an e-com. If the potential customer has any doubts about your products, when they read customer reviews is more likely to buy the product. Shoebox website design is trying to offer all elements which can make the extraordinary user experience!