SEO Cyprus Project:

Our goal with the SEO Cyprus Project case study is to introduce you to a wide range of new ideas that will help you understand what Google algorithm considers important and what are the challenges that e-shop usually face. This will help you improve your e-commerce SEO game and better serve your customers. is a local start-up which opened its online doors for first customers in Cyprus in 2014 offering original toner cartridges and ink cartridges as well as a huge range of quality reliable compatible toners and ink cartridge refills.

Starting to work on it we realized that many issues needed to be fixed:

  • functionality and user experience
  • technical issue
  • keywords strategy 
seo cyprus project

SEO Cyprus Project Issues...

Stage 1: Analysis

Doing the SEO audit, the site scored C+, with a very low authority in a very competitive niche!

Also, there wasn't any keywords strategy, good use of header tags or optimized images!

SEO cyprus project showing big photos

Size of the image: 2MB!!!!!

And they were 687 photos with this size!

Moreover, very low social shares, with only Facebook connected to the site, thin content and not SEO friendly URLs!

SEO Cyprus Project Stage 2

Stratagy and solutions!


One of the SEO Cyprus Project Ecomelani challenges was that the site is huge, too many products, too many categories and there was not clear strategy on what pages were created and where. The menu was so messed up that it took us very long to understand what we need to correct and how!

And the business was losing sales because many product could NOT be found! The only way was with the codes or the URL of the page!

A very serious issue was that to create a certain design they left many pages empty that were returning “soft 404”

Moreover, Google My Business, which is the most important platform when it come to local ranking got DISABLED. 


#1. Increase domain authority!

Serp analysis for SEO Cyprus Project

#2. Ranking Locally!

#3. Ranking the shop!

#4. Increase visibility on search engine!

GMB results to show case SEO Cyprus Project

#5. Ranking the categories pages!

SEO Cyprus project results on SERP

#6. Ranking the products pages!

SEO Cyprus Project Further improvements and challenges!

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. As search engines do all the time updates, so should websites. 

Ecomelani is a huge site with more than 1500 products pages. Moreover, photos were uploaded without being web converted. 

Another challenge is the content. Each product should have unique content. Furthermore, blog articles are needed to support at least important pages!

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