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Ketopo website design and development

Ketopo: Broad Vision. Honest Service. Great Value.

Portfolio website Design and development:

K. Ch. Eliades LLC was established in January 2014. The company provides consulting and design services in Land Surveying and Geomatics Engineering.

The website design and development of Ketopo created from the scratch by David Fowls. Ketopo website functions as a business page. Ketopo provide services, consulting and design, in the field of Geomatics engineering and land surveying. The company is known for their honest service, great values and delivering always their project on time.

As each portfolio website design and development, Ketopo h ad its own challenges. The business owner wanted his website in two different languages, English and Greek, and working with various browsers and devices. Setting up a site to function in these conditions can sometimes create complications to the website function. Furthermore, assuring security was one important part of the website. Contact details such as email and phones were needed to be used to complete the forms. Therefore, the website needed to be secure for potential spams and attacks of the web host server.

Our website developer, David, managed to design a website based on what they were asking for. Their current website has a basic website design, users’ data are always secure, the website is working on various browsers and devices, and create optimized website for fast loading.  Of course, the content and the search engine optimization (SEO) is not the ideal for a website, but this will be corrected at a later stage.

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