GDG one of the sponsors of “Building the School of Joy and Creativity”

Trying to make an impact that matter in our community, sponsoring educational events is one of our Corporate Social Responsibility Projects.

One of our goals is to foster a culture where solid investments in children and youth are made regularly to builds on the expertise, skills and social skills of our next generation.

We’re delighted to announce that we are one of the sponsors of the Conference “Building the School of Joy and Creativity" taking place at Alexander College, 2 Artas Street, Aradippou, 7102 Larnaca, Cyprus on Nov., 16th from 09:00-12:00
Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

Education is of paramount importance to an individual as well as society.

Holistic development of a child means developing personality traits and improving his/her emotional intelligence from a very young age.

Furthermore, teaching children how to manage their emotions and respond appropriately to the emotions of others is an important part of education.

In my time we were used to hear about IQ. Nowadays, IQ is not enough because two other forms of intelligence, social intelligence and emotional intelligence, are also important for success.

Moreover, Sternberg suggests that in many cases it is creative intelligence that makes people successful: the ability to invent or create something new by thinking “outside the box,” or the ability to take a good idea and turn it into a great one.


Life is an inherently sociable construct.

It is not enough to be clever or have a high IQ. To build a successfully career or a successfully family a person should be able to:

  • Be a goal oriented person
  • Have the ability to build and maintain relationships, network, lead and manage conflict
  • Manage and be in control of our emotions, and therefore our responses.
  • Being able to understand others” emotions, therefore relate to them more effectively.

AKIDA conference “Building the School of Joy and Creativity"

To empower kids and help them build emotional inteligence, AKIDA organizes every year the conference “Building the School of Joy and Creativity”

This year the 2nd conference proposed ways in which learning becomes a game. A conference with practical suggestions for teachers and parents. Let’s learn how to live in a school of joy and creativity because our kids deserve it!

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