How Did We Celebrate Company 3rd Anniversary!

Go Digital Globally: 3 years as Digital Marketing Agency In Cyprus

Every year on the 24th of October we wish to celebrate our company anniversary. Despite the pandemic, we are grateful that we have successfully completed our third year! 3 years of Go Digital Globally as a highly reputable Digital Marketing Agency in Cyprus. How did we celebrate the company 3rd anniversary?

How to celebrate company anniversary

Celebrating company anniversary at Go Digital Globally isn’t just a warm gesture for our associates, employees, interns or customers. It is also an auspicious occasion for our company’s history, to celebrate milestones as well as to set new goals and objectives.

One of our milestones this year was the registration of the company logo as a trade mark. So, the 3rd Go Digital Globally anniversary is considered the anniversary edition of our logo as a Registered Trade Mark. Registration of a trade mark requires a lawyer, a lot of paper work and research. Although the registration is not official yet, since no opposition was received until the opposition period end date, Nov 18th 2021, we consider our logo officially registered.

This is the reason we postponed the anniversary from the 24th October until the 27th of November as we were waiting for the opposition period to end. Moreover, that was the date set for the 2nd soft launch of The Life Winners Club. This is another startup created and built by Elena Andreou. The decision was easy to be taken: the two events were meant to be together!

go digital globally logo

The theme of this anniversary: Leadership Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone!

Although the circumstances are difficult with all pandemic restrictions, we decided to do a small and more intimate anniversary celebration! And we are grateful that we could gather together, that we could share our happiness and take this opportunity to count our blessings, always reaching positively for the future and setting new goals.

elena andreou celebrate company 3rd anniversary

The elevated mood was set for the evening with the saxophone pieces played by Vic, our intern. He added to the upbeat vibe with some classic tunes. The culminant moment was Elena’s stylish tango dance. The intention was not a demonstration of skills, however, it was to demonstrate the nerve and bravery required for getting out of your comfort zone!

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