Social Media Strategy: How it can Help your Business?

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Why microbusinesses should go digital?

Social Media Strategy: Why bother?

The 2013 economic crisis and the haircut forced many microbusinesses in Cyprus to close down and many others to introduce significant organizational and structural changes. Currently, 93,3% of Cyprus economy is formed by 45706 microbusinesses (employing 1-9 people).

Data shows that most of microbusiness in Cyprus see digital transformation as a daunting process and time consuming. Only faster growing firms and start-ups have positive attitudes regarding digital transformation’s benefits.  They’ve realized that there is a clear connection between their business digital presence and revenue growth.

Why Should Any Business Consider Digital Marketing Channels?

Comparing to traditional marketing, many studies have proved that Digital Marketing Techniques are significantly:

  • Cheaper- excellent ROI
  • Faster -Can interact with targeted audiences in real time
  • Measurable
  • Highly targetable
  • Increase Global reach
  • Increase Branding Awareness- Constant online presence
  • Better Communication: Two-way communication
Social media advantages cheaper faster measurable
The social media channel where a business can use strategy

Digital Marketing Channels

Effective Digital Marketing Channels:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Paid Search
  • Articles and PRs
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer Marketing & Brand ambassadors

Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Presence

What do we mean by digital presence and why is so important when creating your business Digital Marketing Strategy?

There is no doubt, and there is a lot of data to prove it, that digital marketing is the way that micro-businesses should conduct business nowadays. Business owner shouldn’t have any doubts whether digital channels build brand and relationships and they should focus on finding the conditions in which it does.

However, what do we mean by digital presence?

Three critical digital elements for any microbusiness:

We already stated above that the most effective digital channels are 7. However, we are going to focus for now only on the most important channels, the vital elements for any microbusiness.

  • The most important element of your digital presence is a website and proper branding image.
  • Social Media Strategy. Most important, which are  the channels that you should focus. What are the particular channels that help your business
  • SEO techniques: With out SEO techinques is like building a lovely shop in the middle of no where, nobody will find it!

Website: a nice-to-have marketing tool?

Nowadays setting up a website is relatively easy and cheap. If you really want to dive in deep, read how many advantages a website can bring to a business. It’s absolute no-brainer why is the most important element of the digital puzzle. 

Just to list a few:

  • Branding: A properly website design is your most powerful medium for communication

  • It connects all social media

  • A SEO friendly website is a high return on investment

how a website helps social media strategy

Of course a website brings many advantages to a business, either the business has a physical presence, either not. However, what is worth mentioning in this article is that it can connect all social media. Furthermore, it allows you to create a clear social media strategy. There are some caveats however. Each brand must  find the way to align its offline strategy, social media strategy and website with the brand core values.

b. Social Media Strategy: What are the particular channels that help your business?

If you search over the internet you will find much literature about the most valuable communication avenue: social media platforms! But also you already know that there many social media platforms. Which one to choose when creating your social media strategy.

One of the most influential people when it comes to digital marketing, Neil Patel stated that you should choose your business social media channels based on: 

  • Where is your audience
  • Where is your audience active
  • Where is your audience searching
  • What niche social media sites are right for your business

I couldn’t agree more! 

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